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The story behind Biden's son, Ukraine and Trump's claims. Police investigate jewelry thefts at Trump Tower.

Pence takes first motorcade on Michigan's Mackinac Island. Sanders addresses Comanche event in Warren's home state. Biden, Warren face same challenge in Iowa: keeping momentum.

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Trump suggests he raised Biden with Ukraine's president. Trump visits 2 key states with leaders of India, Australia. Democrats blast latest Trump crisis. But what will they do? How the past informs Trump's vision of America's future. World Politics. Tour company Thomas Cook collapses, global bookings canceled. However, while individualism and traditionalism generally reinforce a conservative political environment, they can also exist in uncomfortable tension with one another.

For whereas the individualistic thread in Texas culture stresses individual freedom from government intrusion, the traditionalistic thread can foster the government's promotion of particular moral values upon those very same individuals. In the case of such conflicts, which value trumps? It is not the government's responsibility to pick them up. Social Darwinists believe that poverty results from natural selection and is therefore not something to be fixed by government.

With individual opportunity comes individual responsibility, a sentiment captured in the expression urging a person to "pull oneself up by one's own bootstraps" However, there is also a strong populist streak in Texas political culture that believes government power should be used to protect individuals from exploitation by powerful corporations, excessive wealth, or government itself.

This populist streak sometimes mixes with liberalism , which endorses government intervention as a welcome force in society. Populism and liberalism are real parts of Texas political culture that influence the state's government and politics, but they have typically remained subordinate to the dominant conservative political culture rooted in individualism and traditionalism. Political culture, like bowls of chili, are not homogeneous throughout the United States, e.

Or, if you live in the central part of the nation, you may prefer a bowl of individualistic political culture. Residents in the southern tier of states from the East coast to New Mexico relish the traditionalist political culture.

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In this culture, government acts as a preservative; keeping traditions and the existing social order safe from change. Only top chefs from established families or influential social groups should make this chili. Texas has its own unique bowl of political culture.

Republican wins Texas district held by Dems for 139 years

It combines a mixture of traditionalistic and individualistic ingredients with a dash of the Old South and the frontier experience. Keep tabs on what your lawmakers are talking about so you can be in the know. Your lawmakers like to use Twitter more and more to make big announcements, give updates on their bills, and share their opinions on a wide variety of subjects. Our live feed helps you keep track of all our lawmakers in one place so you always know what is happening. Massive Structure Fire 3-alarm South Austin blaze destroys under-construction condo complex, neighboring buildings.

Severe Weather Heavy rains, winds, extreme heat. Prepare and inform yourself. Use this Texas Government Guide to find answers to your questions. How Texas Government Works.